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EcoBudget - Planning for a sustainable future

Welcome to the ecoBUDGET Webcentre

The ecoBUDGET webcentre is your first port of call for information on the innovative environmental management system, aiding local authorities in creating a more sustainable future. Here you can get a step-by-step overview of the tool, learn about the global history of ecoBUDGET and even get a run down of six reasons why using ecoBUDGET is in your best interest.

BUDGET, developed by ICLEI for and with local authorities, is founded on the concept that our natural resources, such as air, potable water, biodiversity, etc. can and should be managed with the same level of care and preciseness as our financial resources.

The tool enables environmental values to be budgeted in the same way as a local authority would construct a financial budget. Through the creation of an environmental “Master Budget” local authorities can keep track of, and set goals for, their scarce natural resources in the coming years.

The three main services ecoBUDGET provides are:

  • Resource management: ecoBUDGET allows authorities to conserve and optimize natural resources such as land, air, water, flora and fauna.
  • Political commitment: ecoBUDGET facilitates a binding political commitment to manage the environmental budget.
  • Technical instruments: ecoBUDGET helps authorities to adopt political and technical instruments as well as processes to achieve sustainability goals.

Through these services ecoBUDGET creates a transparent, manageable system for tracking natural resources, that guides local authorities in their journey towards sustainability. The tool also instills a true culture of conservation amongst local authorities, the positive effects of which are felt across communities.